T2 & T2E Series Specs

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Combination of weatherproof construction and phenolic case makes the T-2 and T-2E series thermometers ideal for outdoor service. These thermometers are also highly suited to installation where vibration typically causes stability problems. Each unit features a red marking pointer to indicate the highest temperature reached between readings.





INDICATOR ACCURACY: +2% of span over entire scale.

30-250º F
50-350º F
0-120º C
0-150º C
20-180º C

DIAL SIZE: 3 7/8" diameter.

BOURDON TUBE: High torque spiral design; phospor bronze material.

CASE & RING: Fabricated Polypropart case. Brass ring, painted black, with special gasketing between the ring and case to ensure a water-proof construction.

DAIL: Aluminum; black background with white letters and scale.

POINTER: Aluminum; painted white.

CASE STYLES: Direct mount cases available with a ½ NPT union connection located at center back, lower back, or case bottom. Remote mount cases are equiped with a bracket for wall or panel mounting, with the capillary outlet at 30º from horizontal.

LB = Lower Back Connection
CB = Center Back Connection
BM = Bottom Mount Connection

CAPILLARY: Remote mount units are supplied as standard with 10' of double braided capillary.

RECALIBRATION: An external adjusting screw, located on the back of the case, allows readjustment of the pointer setting.

MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE INDICATION: Each unit is equipped with a "max-hand" that is moved upscale by the temperature indication pointer.