RC Series

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Designed for applications requiring both temperature indication and control (eg, oil-cooled electircal transformers) Available with up to four micro switches to activate auxiliary electrical equipment or alarm devices. Switch points are easily adjusted without taking the unit out of service. Offers excellent resistance to vibration and features a weatherproof case.


ACCURACY: +2% of span over entire scale.

0 - 120º C
0 - 160º C
0 - 220º C
20 - 180º C

DIAL SIZE: 5 5/8" Diameter.

SWITCHES: Available with up to four snap-action switches.

BOURDON TUBE: High torque spiral design; phospor bronze material. Connected directly to the pointer shaft without the use of a movement or multiplying mechanism.

CASE: Die cast aluminum with baked gray enamel finish.

WINDOW AND RING: Single strength tempered glass is utilized with a Type 302 stainless steel ring. Ring features twist-on bayonet style mounting.

DIAL: Aluminum.

POINTER: Aluminum; painted white.

CAPILLARY: Furnished as standard - with 10' of 7/32" diameter brass capillary that is protected by four-ply braided copper armor.

BULB % CONNECTION: Hard copper bulb with ½ NPT swivel union connection.

MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE INDICATION: Each unit is equipped with a "max-hand" that is moved upscale by the temperature indication pointer. As temperature decreases, the max-hand remains at the highest point reached. An external reset knob allows moving the max-hand downscale.